hardox 450 material bucket, high quality,rock bucket for Cat/Jcb/Hitachi/Kubota/Komats

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The specifications and types of our buckets are applicable to over 90 kinds of excavators, such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Kato, Sumitomo, Cat, Kobelco, Daewoo and Hyundai.
According to different operating conditions, various kinds of buckets are reasonably designed from shapes, materials, thickness of plates, and stress features.
The bucket capacity is from 0.25cbm to 2.4cbm. Advanced digital control flame (plasma) cutting machines, large lapping machines, and CO2 protective welding machines guarantee the quality of our products.

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Excavator Bucket Specification:

1. Various kinds of buckets are reasonably designed according customer request.
2. Capacity: 0.1cbm to 8cbm
3.Application:Volvo,CAT,Kobelco,Hyundai,Lonking,XCMG,XGMA, Sany, Hitachi, Liugong, SDLG etc.
4. Type: standard bucket, heavy duty bucket, rock digging bucket,skeleton bucket
5. Material: Q345B, NM360,  q460

Chemical components

Comparation of Chemical Components and Mechanical Performaces of Three Material
Material Code Main Chemical Components Brinell Hardness(HB) Tensile Stretch
Tensile Strength Yield Strength
C Si Mn P S
Manganess Steel Plate Q345B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 360 16 1200 1020
Domestic Wear-resistant Steel Plate NM400 0.25 0.7 1.6 0.03 0.01 370-430 10 1200 345
High Strength Wear-resitant Steel Plate HARDOX450 0.26 0.24 1.7 0.02 0.01 450-540 10 1400 1300


Products catalog

For Komatsu For Hitach For Caterpillar Kobelco Hyundai
PC30 EX30 E70 SK45 R55
PC40-5 EX40 E70B SK55 R60
PC55UU-2 EX50 E120 SK60 R80
PC56 EX55 E120B SK70 R130
PC60-6-7 EX60-2 E200B SK75 R140
PC100 EX70 E240 SK100-3 R160
PC120 EX80 E300B SK120-1 R180
PC128 EX100 E311 SK130 R190
PC130 EX120 E307 SK140 R200
PC150 EX160-3 E312 SK200-1 R210
PC160 EX200 E315 SK210 R215
PC200 EX220 E320 SK220 R220
PC210 EX225 E322 SK230 R225
PC220 EX230 E324D SK250 R235
PC240 EX240 E325 SK260 R265
PC270-7 EX250-6 E329B SK330 R280
PC300 EX300-3 E330 SK350-8 R290
PC350 EX330 E336 SK430 R300
PC360-7 EX350-5 E345 SK450-6E R305
PC400 EX400-3 E365   R320
PC450-6 EX450 E374   R335
PC600-6 EX800 E416   R360
PC650 EX1200 E450   R380
Kato Sany Sumitomo Doosan R430
HD250-7 SY75 SH60 DH55-5 R450
HD307 SY135-8 SH100 DH60-7 R520
HD400-7 SY200 SH120 DH130 Volvo
HD450-5 SY205C-8 SH130 DH220-3-5 EC55
HD550-1-7 SY210 SH135 DH225 EC140
HD700-2-7 SY215-7-8 SH200 DH258-7 EC210
HD770-1-2 SY230 SH210 DH280 EC240
HD800-7 SY235-8 SH220 DH300 EC290
HD820-3 SY285 SH240 DH360 EC360
HD900-5-7 SY330 SH265 DH370-9 EC460
HD1023 SY335 SH300 DH420-5  
HD1220-1 SY360-8 SH330 DH500  
HD1250-7 SY365-8 SH350    


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