Komatsu/Hitachi/Caterpillar/Kobelco/Kato Arm/Bucket/Boom Hydraulic Cylinder for Excavator

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We supply all kinds of hydraulic cylinders for excavator including Boom cylinder,Arm cylinder and Bucket cylinder, which are applicable for Hitachi,Komatsu, Koblco, Carter, Sumitomo, Daewoo(Doosan),Hyundai,Kato,and Samsung excavators as well as other brands. we can also be custom processed according to customer samples and data.

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Product introductionxcavator bucket cylinder 

Hydraulic cylinder as crucial component of hydraulic system used in construcion equipment must be reliable.

Any failure will be at the expense of downtime, thus you need long-last,efficient products to push your construction.

Your reputation not only depends on how you work,but depends on how we treat products.

Treatment without compromise and difference enable us built trust and long-term relationship.

Product Description

1.Rod seal:superior quality named-brand seals improve a longer life and seal effect polyurethane U-packing rod seals/buffer seals · bonded-to-metal wiper seals custom seals available
2.Tube:Skived&burnished or vertical honing tube assures the concentricity and straightness
3.Bushing:Hardened steel bushing or copper bushing
4.Eye:All eyes are made of forged high strenght steel improve cylinder not only in appearance but in mechanical performance
5.Rod:Induction hardened prior to chrome plating enhances the surface hardness,enhanced chrome plating improve corrosion resistence and anti-scratch performance
6.Piston:High pressure piston sealing material:teflon or nylon seals.High precision machining maximize the consistency of parts.
7.Cap:All caps are made of forged high strength steel

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 Hydraulic boom/arm/bucket cylinder

Komatsu Hitachi Caterpillar Kobelco Kato
PC40 EX55 E70B SK07-N1/N2 HD250-7
PC40-5 EX60-1/2/3 E110B SK09 HD250
PC40-7 EX100-1/2 E120B SK30 HD307
PC45-1 EX100WD-2 E120 SK45 HD400-1
PC50 EX100-3WD E200B SK60 HD400-7
PC50UU-2 EX100-5 E240 SK60-3/5 HD450-5
PC55 EX120-1/2/3/5 E225C SK70 HD450-7
PC60-2 EX160-3 E245 SK100-3/5/6 HD512
PC60-5 EX200-1/2/5/7 E300B SK115 HD450
PC60-6 EX220-1/2/3/5 E307B SK120-1/3/5/6 HD512
PC60-7 EX230 E308B SK200-1/3/5/6/7/8 HD550-1
PC75UU EX270 E311 SK210-8 HD550-7
PC100-3/5/6/7 EX300-1/2/3/5 E311C SK220-3/5 HD700-2/7
PC110-7 EX350-5 E312B/C/D SK230 HD770-1/2
PC120-3/5/6 EX400-3/5 E315A/C/D SK230-6 HD800-7
PC130-7 EX470-3 E320 SK250-6 HD820
PC150-5 EX600-5 E320L SK250-8 HD820-A1/A2
PC200-1/2/3/5/6/7/8 EX800 E320BL SK300-2 HD820-3
PC210-5/6/7 EX1200 E320BU SK310 HD880-1/2
PC220-1/2/3/5/6/7/8 ZAXIS70 E320B/C/D SK320 HD900-5/7
PC230LC-6E ZAXIS75 E322 SK350-8 HD1023
PC270-7 ZAXIS120-3 E324 SK330-8 HD1220-1
PC290LC ZAXIS120-6 E325B/C/D SK350LC-8 HD1250-7
PC300-1/3/5/6/7 ZAXIS120E E329D SK450-6E HD1430
PC350-6/7 ZAXIS200 E330B/C/L/D SK450-6E HD1880
PC360-7 ZAXIS200-3/8 E336D SK460-8 HD450
PC400-3/5/6/7 ZAXIS210 E345B/C/D


PC450-6/7 ZAXIS210-3G E450   HD1305


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