Sell 6Y6335 Forging teeth bucket adapter excavator bucket teeth tooth point ripper

Short Description:

After going through forging, metal structure and its mechanical property can be improved. Original big crystal and prismatic crystal grain become thin and evenly small, then re-organized to make a-liquation, looseness, air bubble and inserted slag be pressed and its structure become close and tight which improve plasticity and mechanical property of metal. But mechanical property of casting piece is worse than other forging piece of the same material. Besides, forging can make sure the continuousness ofmetal fiber structure and keep the fiber structure and outer shape the same, metal streamline complete and guarantee long life time and good mechanical property. Technique of using precise mould forging. cold press, warm press is incomparable in making forging piece.

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Material low alloy steel
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness 47-52HRC
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 5-50/Piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established


Design / Structure / Details Pics

teeth and adapter (1)451

teeth and adapter (1)483

teeth and adapter (1)452

teeth and adapter (1)484

3.Advantages / Features:

Our company has already passed ISO9001-2000 international quality control system. and adopts advanced examintion,manufacturing equipments and technology of precision casting to make the products with the impact and hardness.


Chemical Composition(%):

      Carbon        -      0.26-0.28
    Silicon         -           0.4
    Manganese     -      0.8
    Copper        -     ≤0.02
     Ti            -           ≤0.1
     S.P            -        ≤0.03
    Aluminum     -     ≤0.03
     Cr            -           1.2


Mechanical Properties:

Normalizing Temp -----900°C
Tensile Strength   ------1150MPA
 Impact (Akv)     ------   16J-18J
Elongation       ---------   6%
Hardness        ---------   47-52HRC


4.Foring teeth part no. for your reference:

1U-3201 Short 9W-8552 / 1U-3552 Long
6Y-6221 Short 6I-6602 Long
1U-3251 Short 4T-4702 Long
1U-3301 Short 1U-3202 P Long
1U-3351 Short 1U-3252 P Long
168-1351 Short 1U-3302 P Long
7T-3401 Short 1U-3352 P Long
9W-8451 / 1U-3451 Short 7T-3402 P Long
9W-8551 / 1U-3551 Short 9W-8452 P Long
1U-3301 P Short 9W-8552 P Long
1U-3351 P Short 6I-6602 P Long
7T-3401 P Short 1U-3202 TL / 9W-8209 Tiger
9W-8451 P Short 1U-3252 TL / 9W-8259 Tiger
9W-8551 P Short 1U-3302 TL / 9W-8309 Tiger
1U-3202 Long 1U-3352 TL / 9W-2359 Tiger
6Y-3222 Long 7T-3402 TL / 6Y-5409 Tiger
1U-3252 Long 1U-3452 TL / 7T-8459 Tiger
1U-3302 Long 1U-3552 TL / 9W-6559 Tiger
1U-3352 Long 6I-6602 TL / 107-8609 Tiger
7T-3402 Long 4T-4702 TL / 107-8709 Tiger
9W-8452 / 1U-3452 Long

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